Transport Services Offered

GirtonLLL Transport Tractors
Our tractors are equipped with hydraulic PTO’s, and air compressors to decrease unloading times when permitted, and Omnitracs systems for dispatching and tracking so you the customer can be informed when your product will be delivered.

GirtonLLL Transport Trailers
GirtonLLL operates four types of trailers; DOT407 stainless, DOT407 aluminum, DOT412 stainless, DOT406 aluminum & MC331 trailers.

DOT 407 Stainless Trailers:
Used for ag chemicals, general chemicals & oils

DOT 407 Dedicated Kosher Stainless Trailers:
Used for phosphoric acid, alcohols and other food grade products

DOT 407 Aluminum Trailers:
Used for ethanol, denaturant & oils

DOT 412 Stainless Trailers:

Used for acids and other heavier products

DOT 406 Aluminum Trailers:

Used for ethanol and oils

MC 331 Pressure Trailers:
Used for propane, butane and anhydrous ammonia

Page Last Updated: 02/23/2021